2004 — International Winner:

Or David , Israel

War or Peace

Is world Peace possible, or does human nature make war inevitable?

My name is Or David. I live in Israel, in a big city near Tel-Aviv. The name of this city is Petach-Tikva. I learn in Grade 6 in Ein-Ganim School. My teacher for English is Marsha Goren. My class and I do many projects with her. I guess that one of the ways to attain a peace in this world is through our projects. We like to be in touch with many children from all over the world. One of our projects is: "Dream a Dream with Ein-Ganim". In this project we try to help to the peace process. We enjoy writing to children from all over the world. The writing helps us to learn about other cultures, many customs and about the lives in different countries of the world. We write many letters in the Website "Dream a Dream with Ein-Ganim", (htttp://www.angelfire.com/rock3/dream0)

Peace - Peace is a quiet life in our world. This life must be without wars. For me, peace is the most important thing in the world together with health. It's no guns, no shots and no fire. It's always the blue clean sky over our heads.

War - War is a big fight between armies. It's a very strong debate. For me, war is the most terrible thing in the world. It's sorrow, death and many injured people, a hate between people and darkness. It's not a quiet life, not a happy life, not a healthy life and not peace. I hope that the world will be better in the future than it is now.

The situation in my region is not calm, but I hope that it will improve soon. Israel wants to have peace with the Palestinians, but now there is not peace. There are many dead people on both sides. I want to stop the killing in my region and in the entire world.

Moreover, there is a big problem in the world now. It is called terrorism. The entire world is suffering from it, and everyone wants to stop this. We fight against terrorism, and all the people in the world participate in this war. This war is a very important mission for humanity.

There are many ways to accomplish peace. I think that the enemy countries should collaborate in areas like: sports, tourism, agriculture, culture, commerce, industry, transport and more.

I want to see a quiet world, free and happy. I believe that when there is peace in the entire world, there will not be wars and there will always be blue clean skies over our heads.

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