Most Philosophical 6th Grader in America

Pooja Magavi, California

The Pathway to World Peace

Over the eons of years, our world has been strangled within an atrocious maze of war. People have eliminated their differences and subsequently embraced unity in order to forestall this dreadful expression of anger and hatred. Despite all efforts, the haunting beasts of war have not been tamed by the enchanting roses of love. Therefore, people have lost all hope and courage and have begun to perceive peace as an unattainable needle in a massive haystack of hatred.

I feel that feelings of anger inevitably emerge in the minds of individuals and, to many, the simplest method of outpouring this overwhelming feeling appears to be war. Sadly enough, this pitiable form of irrepressible anger has started many wars. I believe that world peace is definitely attainable if built upon a foundation of cooperation, trust, intellect and love. This may not be a possibility at present…today…this moment, but I feel that this goal can without a doubt be achieved.

This complex journey toward peace initiates with everyone carrying out simple tasks and contributing their insights and talents. A task may be as simple as controlling one's anger or calmly talking a situation through. One may want to relate this situation to a complicated puzzle. Once each piece is placed in proper position, it produces a unique picture. Just the same, if the majority lends a helping hand, the world will rupture through all oblivion and finally obtain rays of unity and love. I recognize that it may not be possible to encourage everyone's participation in this quest, but once people independently realize the importance of this issue, they will be ready to accept several defeats for one ultimate success.

I sense that the key approach to this issue is communication in regards to the uprisings feelings of belligerence, but this appears to be the tedious route when war is sitting right outside. If people communicated in such a manner, the superficial smiles and handshakes shared between world leaders would finally gain a realistic touch of potency. Communication is being connected, and that is exactly what our world needs: connection between young and old, rich and poor, good and evil.

We could begin by leaving behind our shelters of security and acknowledging the importance of diversity in culture, religion, belief and lifestyle. Another significant step in climbing the stairway toward world peace is respect. Respecting the various belief systems remains an essential component in life itself. Instead of demanding another to accept a specific belief, an individual should firmly portray his or her perception and simultaneously attempt to comprehend the other opposing perception. Thus, an equilibrium of expression and acceptance is reached. Two hand treasuring the beliefs of two individual lives have met creating a spark emphasizing the presence of respect. In addition, people must shed their outer skin of haughtiness, and learn to encounter frequent obstacles of defeat.

Throughout this world, issues rise and fall as the tide of an ocean. Evidently, there exist various characters embedded within the unraveling legacy of our human race. With multitudes of genetic variety, the two-legged creatures roaming about the barren lands of greed and power diverge from the idealistic sensation of having thousands of identical beings. We must accept the diversity among us and one day when this very diversity shedding tears and blood instead thrusts forth flowers of love, we will acknowledge the supremacy of peace. Together, hand in hand, our world will assimilate the power of communication and respect to ultimately create an everlasting taste of peace and bliss for now and for the generations to come.

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