2006 — 5th Grade 4th Place

Katie Pritchett, Missouri

Hope is like the sky, it is always there, whether it is blue or gray, or sprinkled with stars. But fear is like a cloud, you may see it only once, but it drifts on, far away from memory. It is the same with fear, for you may be afraid, but then with hope, that fear leaves your mind.

I also believe that hope is like water. Some may see water as this clear liquid that is required to survive. Others see water as a piece of blue silk draped over miles and miles of sand. It is the way that you see water, that makes it extraordinary, beautiful in its own way, and I see hope that way too.
Hope gives you the strength to accept things. You may not know what is going to happen, but with hope, you can accept it. Here is a poem about hope.

It lives on though we may not,
It drifts around,
Filling the souls and minds of everyone,
With the beauty and passion,
That is as comforting as two arms wrapped around you.
Protecting you,
Covering you like a blanket,
A blanket that never frays,
Never tears,
With stitches that never unravel.
Knitted into this provider of warmth and care,
Dreams expressed with the designs and patterns,
Stories come alive,
The making of wonder.
Hope rules over all.

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