2005 - 6th Grade 5th Place:

Robert Argo II, New York


Truth and beauty are two subjects that are both similar and different from each other depending on one's personal opinions. According to Webster's Dictionary, "truth is the state of character of being true." "Beauty is the quality of a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses." One way that beauty is different from truth is that beauty can lie but truth cannot. For example, a person can look at a popular magazine and see what the latest trends in fashion and make-up are. When applied, it covers up the real person that they are and given another, outwardly impression to those who see him or her. A physically beautiful person can change the way he or she looks and think all is well. But that is not how others see the person, therefore that person's beauty isn't real, or truthful.

Although you can't see the truth, you can hear it and feel it. You can hear truth by hearing another person's words that you believe in. you can feel truth by feeling good about yourself after having told the truth or feeling guilt about a situations that won't go away. Truth is important to me for several reasons. If I am aware of a problem, I need to reveal the truth to someone who I trust to help. Truth may be more important than beauty. Truth is always real and can sometimes have beauty. Or it is? My opinion of true beauty is Niagara Falls. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, naturally formed and is beautiful to my eye. Therefore, because there is nothing man-made about its beauty, it is a form of true beauty. Truth is important everyday within the world. If two people are in a court of law and the truth is not spoken by one or the other, the wrong person might have to deal with uncertain consequences. I definitely think truth is important and I always try to be truthful.

Beauty is a different subject. One can see and hear beauty. For example, beauty can be seen in someone or someplace that is beautiful to another's eye. Beauty can be heard in a favorite song, or in a loved ones voice or with a familiar sound, like the waves of the ocean coming ashore on the beach. In the case of a blind person who can not see, he or she "sees" beauty in a much different way than those with sight. A blind person's sense of beauty depends on his or her sense of hearing, smell, touch and taste but not a visual sense. I know that all are not blind, but what would happen if the entire population had to go a while month without mirrors? With no mirrors, we'd present ourselves to our friends and neighbors in our "truest" form. Would they still think us as beautiful as we think we are when we take the time to fuss in the mirror?

I appreciate true beauty very much. It can be the purring of my cat as I gently pet her, or it can be the warmth of my mother's voice greeting me as I get off of the bush each day after school, or even the warm and wonderful smells coming from the kitchen daily that assure me that my family will all be home soon together for dinner. The beauty of truth comes after confiding in my father. Because I love him, I can depend on what he tells me to the be absolute truth.

In my opinion, truth is real and cannot be changed. As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Truth and beauty may or may not share similarities. Truth is more important to me.

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