2005 - 6th Grade 3rd Place:

Rebecca de Vergie, Colorado


Truth and beauty are both important parts of life. Truth is not lying or being dishonest. Truth is being loyal and helping out others. It is being true to yourself and believing that you can do anything. Beauty is not just having cool clothes or shimmery eyes. Beauty is in nature and in music and art. The trees and flowers are beautiful in their own way. But, the most important place beauty can be found is in your heart. You can be the ugliest person in the world, but if you have a good heart, you can be beautiful.

People who don't tell the truth might get into trouble, but being true can help you in many ways. You can have more friends by being truthful. Most people don't want to be friends with someone who isn't honest or who doesn't believe in themselves. Being true to yourself means not caring what other people think and just liking yourself for who you are.

Beauty is all around us in life and it can make you happy if you are having a rough day. Sometimes if you need to just take a break from everything you can look at all the beautiful things in the world and just dream. Almost anything in the world can be beautiful. It just depends on the way you look at it. Not everyone necessarily thinks that the same things are beautiful. Love is a perfect symbol of beauty because if we all love someone and feel like we are loved back, then we tend to be happier. If we are happy then we can make other people happy, too.

Truth and beauty are both helpful in life and it is difficult to decide which one is more important. All in all, I think that truth is more important than beauty. Truth is more important because in order for there to be beauty such as love in the world, we have to be honest with one another. In order to be honest with other people we have to be happy with ourselves. Being truthful helps us see the beauty in life and in our friends and family, too. Life is hard sometimes, but if we are loyal and honest to the ones we love, then they will always be there for us, just like we are there for them. That is why truth is more important than beauty.

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