2004 — Most Philosophical 4th Grader in America:

Rachel Fireman, Texas

Peace is a Dream

War is horrible and cruel. It's a pattern from one's soul. It is jealousy, disagreements, and being scared. All people feel these emotions, but don’t want to be treated like people who can't handle themselves, so they start to fight, and if you ask me, I think any other solution to disagreements is better than fighting and causing deaths. But just the way humans operate makes them do these things. Something inside our brains tells us what to do. Some people listen to it. Some people don't. It all depends if you have the control to listen or not. Sometimes this is good and sometimes this is bad. People are dying in war.

But in another country a young girl is sound asleep in bed, soon to find out her father is dead. She looks happy and fine, but let's go inside the girl's mind, I see streams of color, black and blue. I see the cries of sorrow that have repeated through her mind. Her father is at war. She can picture her father wounded. The heat is strong in her dream. It is beating down on her soft silky hair. She sees the generals grabbing her arms and pulling her away from her father. Tears are rushing down her face. Her father starts his gun up again, firing. Then she sees her father in a hospital looking around. Seeing nurses, he says, "This war is pointless."

Then, she sits up panting hard and runs to her mother's room. "It will never stop, will it?"

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