2004 — 2nd Place — 1st grade

Rodrick Nicholson

Peace means to me love and freedom. If a genie gave me a wish, my wish would be that the world would be a peaceful place where people could be free as an eagle. There would be no guns, no weapons, or anything bad. Children could play outside without being scared. People of all color would get along together.

I have peace in me. I make peace by loving and being kind. This makes me feel good. When I share my pencils and crayons, I make peace with my friends. They like me and respect me when I do these things and I like them when they share with me. When I am at peace, I want to help people. I want to always do what is right and not get into any trouble.

When I look into the sky and see an eagle flying freely, it reminds me of my wish that the world was a peaceful place. I hope everyone could have peace like me.

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