2006 — 6th Grade 2nd Place

Ashlyn Reynolds, Ohio


Fear controls people, hope simply enables. Fear spreads quickly, hope requires convincing. Fear keeps the people in line. Fear makes people get out of line. This fear is the unknown…

In a small town called Hopelessness no one spoke and no one changed. No one did anything different because they were afraid. In this town was a twelve year old, sixth grade girl named Gno Won. Everyday Gno Won went to school, came home, ate dinner, went to sleep and started all over again. No one dared do anything different. There was no punishment, but no one knew if there was or not.

On the way to school Gno Won passes a little coffee shop that no one ever goes into because they were afraid. She always knew it was there.
One cold, rainy day Gno Won again walked to school. Just as she passes the coffee shop, she stopped. It had been empty as long as anyone could remember. She shrugged and continued on.

The same doors that greeted Gno Won's ancestors greeted her as she entered the school. She walked into the same classroom with the same book. As class began, Gno Won thought of the empty coffee shop she had passed so many times.

Gno Won stood up. The teacher stopped and gave a frightened look as Gno Won walked out the door. The students, afraid and uncertain what to do, got up. They followed Gno Won out the door.

Gno Won led the students down the street. People started to come out of their buildings and houses. Gno Won just walked as if she planned it.
She came to the empty coffee shop she had just passed. To the whole town's shock and fear, she went in but they continued to follow.

Gno Won stepped into the coffee shop. There she saw a man smiling at hr as though he expected her. She stopped. She turned. She faced the town. Gno Won said "What."

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