2003 Sixth Grade Winner:
Quin Goyer, age 11

I drift above the world,
I rest on the case between the books,
I hover in the light by the window.

I am dust.

I once was a boy, a boy who lived.

I once was hands.
Hands that tickled.
Hands that played,
Hands that wrote a poem.

I once was eyes.
Eyes that watched a robin,
Eyes that filled with tears,
Eyes that read a story.

I once was ears.
Ears that smiled to my brother's giggle,
Ears that listened to guitar,
Ears that slumbered to the crickets' song.

I once was feet.
Feet that chased my friends through fields,
Feet that climbed the stairs to home,
Feet that walked through life.

The path I walk is dusty now.
I am dust.
But I was a boy.

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